AngelSense is launching the first phone for individuals with autism, coupled with an app for parents, to provide safety and security for autism families.

Key benefits:
• Increasing child’s independence and sense of self-confidence
• Improving care by detecting mistreatment or bullying
• Help locate a wandering or lost child
• Peace of mind
• Higher level of independence for the child

Key features

· Angel call: talk to your child any time without them needing to pick up or click anything

· All day monitoring: see all arrivals, departures, travel times and transit speed.

· Unknown place alerts: get an immediate alert if your child is an unfamiliar place

· Real time mapping: know when your loved ones are on the move and see their exact route in real time.

· Sensory friendly wearable, attached device discreetly and securely

· Indoors search: know what part of school or shopping mall your child is in

· Expert customer support: our customer care team is made up of special needs parents that use AngelSense with their own children

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