Breckenbrough School

We are a ‘special’ school in so many different ways; we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing, supportive and low stress environment to help our students learn to manage their behaviours and make good social and academic progress. If you explore the website you will find many examples of students who have gone on to successful careers, some who have gone straight into work, others who have achieved success through further education and university.

Underpinning all that we do is our ethos of respect, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness which comes from our Quaker background. We deliberately avoid punishment and forced discipline, instead believing that resolution of conflict can come about through behaviour modelling and restorative justice. We and the nine other Quaker schools, operate using a similar ethos and come together through Friends School Council.

Our students are very well catered for and supported by our very experienced and committed academic and social education teams. Each student has a personal mentor and a keyworker whose responsibility it is to ensure that their needs are met, their development planned and monitored and their outcomes reported to parents and professionals.

In addition we have a full time psychologist and work in partnership with Future Steps, a local Occupational Therapy provider.

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