Orkid Ideas

Orkid Ideas was launched in 2012 by Clare and Deborah to introduce the world to TomTag.

The inspiration for TomTag came when Clare was studying with Dyslexia Action and designed a visual planner for a student to help with organisation. She made this into a tag to attach to the student’s bag to help them independently pack for school.

Clare’s experiences of making visual learning aids to help her son Tomas, who has autism, came in very handy during the process of turning this simple concept into a real product and also explains how TomTag got it’s name!

The student’s bag tag was a big hit so Clare went on to make them for her own children and their friends. When other parents at school started saying “That looks great – where can I get one?”, Clare and Deborah saw the potential to turn the idea into a product that could help all children and they began the process of creating TomTag.

It soon became obvious that by using different symbols, TomTag had more potential and a greater variety of uses than the pair had first anticipated and the range of products available continues to expand.

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