Sensory Direct

Sensory Direct was born out of necessity back in 2005 following our son’s diagnosis of Autism in 2003. In addition to his Autism, Ethan hardly ever slept and was on the go constantly – running up & down the hallway, spinning, swinging his arms, jumping and generally banging and crashing into everyone and everything. He couldn’t tolerate certain noises such as the vacumn cleaner and absolutely hated trips to barbers!  We didn’t know it at the time but these were all classic signs of Sensory Integration Disorder.

Over a period of time we developed both our weighted blankets and weighted jackets, improving them and adding to the range. We now manufacture the blankets, jackets, lap blankets, wrist weights etc from our small unit in Worcester and have a small dedicated team of skilled seamstresses.  We are serious about quality and all of our own manufactured products have been tested – they carry the CE mark and are registered Class 1 Medical Devices with the UK regulatory body (MHRA).

As parents ourselves we understand the need for well thought out high quality products that actually work and will not break the bank. We know from experience that you can spend a small fortune on products not knowing if they will work or not – which is why we offer a no quibble returns policy.

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