SpaceKraft has been creating Multi-Sensory Environments for over 22 years, constantly at the leading edge of their evolution from the 1970’s concepts of relaxation rooms to the high-tech interactive rooms of the 21st century.

Customers welcome the combination of expertise, attention to detail and long term support which SpaceKraft provide. For us a project represents the beginning of a long term relationship and we are proud that many customers return time and again and recommend us to others as a supplier.

Every project has unique needs. The age range of the users, their particular sensory experience requirements, the building or space available and the budget all shape the requirements of a specific project. These environments are recognised to provide an enhanced sensory experience for the able bodied too and this capability is increasingly being used within mainstream education to stimulate student’s curiosity and bring lesson’s to life.

SpaceKraft have representatives that cover the whole of the country visiting customers to discuss their individual needs, give free quotes and can provide 3D drawings of what the perfect sensory room would look like.

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