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We have 30 years experience of supplying high quality educational resources to schools and parents across the UK. Each year we have over 1000 conversations with teachers and advisor’s, asking questions and listening carefully to what you need and want.

Our motto is ‘do as teachers tell you and you’ll be alright!’ Each year we have over 1,000 golden conversations with teachers and advisors. Everyone at TTS can be heard and they are actively encouraged to speak. We’re all encouraged to continuously improve and TTS invests time and money to make it happen!

Each year we create and develop in-house over 500 teacher ideas, and win lots and lots of awards – so we must be doing something right! We’re all about children and it’s never too late to have a happy childhood; so we enjoy our work and smile a lot! If you have an idea do let us know and we will see if we can produce it for others.

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