Hexagol Interactive Games Station


Enter the Hexagol Interactive Sports Station, to experience this new inclusive sports product in action. You’ll see exciting games offering flexible fun for school pupils of all abilities, played inside an enclosed game cell. The safe, compact and controlled environment which the cell provides, enables pupils with SEN to confidently take part in physical activities which they otherwise would feel too daunting, if held in a large sports hall or field. This innovative structure is quick and easy to install, and can be used both indoors and out.

During play, LED targets light-up randomly and can be hit with, or without a ball, giving the player a score or a time against the clock. This data can be recorded to review outcomes and develop strategies for improved performance, or just for having great fun while being physically active.

Hexagol will be providing full demonstrations and game play opportunities for visitors throughout the two days of The Autism Show.

Hexagol is looking forward to seeing you in the Cell!

For more information call 07775 594 394, email robert@hexagol.com or visit www.hexagol.com.

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