Autism Meets

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Autism Meets, in partnership with Brain in Hand, on stand B10, is a place where autistic visitors can meet and speak with other autistic adults. A whole range of questions can be asked and advice sought.

Autistic speakers from The Hub: Theatre 1 are also based here and will be happy to answer your questions following their presentations.

Autism Meets is managed by Brain in Hand, who have developed a digital self-management support system for people who need help remembering things, making decisions, planning, or managing anxiety. It’s not condition-specific, but is often used by people who are autistic or managing anxiety-related mental health challenges. Combining practical human support and digital self-management technology, Brain in Hand helps people live more independently.

Their system is approved by government departments and in use throughout health, social care and higher education settings across the UK. To find out more visit them on stand A15.

For more information call 01392 247 909, email or visit

Thank you to our partners