The Hub: Theatre 1


Listen to the experiences of autistic adults to gain direct insights into your past, present and future, in partnership with PARC.

Just some of the topics covered last year included the benefits of diagnosis; making special interests work for education, training and employment; feeling different in mainstream school; pros and cons of autistic parenthood; a demonstration of differences between PDA and non-PDA autism; how I turned my autism into a career; senses and sensibility: findings from our Grand Sensory Survey.

The 2020 programme is still being completed and will appear here over the next few weeks.

The Hub: Theatre 1 has a seating capacity of 80 and sound is relayed to the audience through wireless headsets to reduce sound levels in the hall.

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis, so please arrive as early as possible before the session you wish to attend to save disappointment.

10.25 – 10.55The National Autistic TaskforceDr. Damian Milton
11.00 – 11.30Feeling different in mainstream schoolHarris Evans, aged 10, and Melanie Pratt
11.35 – 12.05Bullying - strategies to empower schools and victims to fight backBrian Bird, Aspergers – A lighter shade of blue
12.10 – 12.40A sense of belongingKatie Graham
12.45 – 13.15Autism, stress and anxietyDr. Damian Milton
13.20 – 13.50How to really help autistic people in your professional and personal lifeAdam Sutcliffe-Brown
13.55 – 14.25Pros and cons of autistic parenthoodShona Murphy
14.30 – 15.00AspergerWorld: my autism's hidden hardships and giftsJoely Williams (Colmer)
15.05 – 15.35My life with autismMax Green
15.40 – 16.10Making special interests work for education, training and employmentRichard Semmens
16.15 – 16.45Talent Autism, an extraordinary way to see autism and fall in love with itAsia Dimitrova
10.15 – 10.45My life living with Asperger’sAlex Manners
10.50 – 11.20How PDA is more than just demand avoidanceHarry Thompson
11.25 – 11.55A demonstration of differences between PDA and non-PDA autismSally Cat
12.00 – 12.30Senses and sensibility: findings from our Grand Sensory Survey Sarah McCulloch and Alex Mason
12.35 – 13.05Janice: a progression of realitiesCallum Brazzo
13.10 – 13.40Autistic Pride and broadening autistic participationJoseph Redford
13.45 – 14.15How I turned my autism into a careerConnor Ward
14.20 – 14.50How to raise actual autism awareness
Chris Bonnello
14.55 – 15.25Autism and usLibby and Kym Scott
15.30 – 16.00My right to be how I am, and how I want to beAdrian Edwards

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