One to One Clinics


Access specialist clinicians, therapists and advisors in the One to One Clinics. Sessions last for 30 minutes unless otherwise stated at the time of booking.

To book a session, please visit the Clinic Ticket Office located beside the One to One Clinics in the exhibition hall. Due to demand, sessions are restricted to one per ticket per day and are offered on a first come, first served basis.

This clinic offers advice, guidance and information to parents of autistic children and young people on all aspects of distressed behaviour. Topics include behaviours in social situations, social isolation, anxiety, understanding dangers, triggers and strategies.

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This clinic offers advice, guidance and information to parents of autistic children and young people on SEND tribunals in England. Support covered includes: explaining the education tribunal processes and how to appeal; helping with submissions and listening to your preparations.

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This clinic offers advice and information to families on all aspects of school exclusion in England. Support covered includes: advice on informal (unlawful) exclusions; fixed-period and permanent exclusions; how to challenge your child’s exclusion and what you can do if you are concerned that your child is at risk of exclusion.

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This clinic offers advice to organisations including schools, residential care providers, local authorities and NHS services who support autistic children and adults and are looking to achieve the highest possible standards in autism practice.

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Leap Children’s Therapy is an independent company based in Buckinghamshire, providing Occupational Therapy services to children and young people. Leap Children’s Therapy has a team of three experienced Occupational Therapists who are highly skilled in the assessment and treatment of children with learning, behavioural and developmental difficulties.

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As parents of children on the autism spectrum we understand that you will have questions about the best way to secure their financial future, especially once you’re no longer around. From our experience we also know that it can be difficult to find good quality advice that meets your specific circumstances and needs. Our free 30-minute clinic will provide you with that guidance and advice. Estate Planning Solutions are a very experienced and highly qualified will writing and estate planning company, working nationwide. We are specialists in using trusts to protect both your wealth and your loved ones. We pride ourselves in offering our clients advice and guidance in a professional but friendly, jargon-free way and making it easy, convenient and affordable for you to put your affairs in order.

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